The product that we will be using on your Silver Maples is called Agri-fos. The active ingredient is mono-and di-potassium salts of Phosphorus Acid. This product contains NO neonicotinoids which is the active ingredients in the products that have been shown to kill bees. This product is applied to the trunk approximately four feet high and down to the ground. This is a safe product that is approved by the state of Oregon and the city of Portland.

I hope this helps to ease both your mind, as well as, the minds of your tenants regarding our responsible plant health care practices. We strive to act responsibly with all of our services that our company provides when it comes to the health of vegetation and the environment.”

Below are the proposed treatments to control insects.

  • Azaleas & Rhodies will be treated for Lace Bugs
  • Indian Hawthorne will be treated for Root Weevil
  • Sarcococca will be treated for Aphids & Spider Mites
  • Otto LuyKen will be treated for Leaf Beetles & Shot Hole