Keeping fallen leaves on our Riverhouse property would benefit the environment.

According to The National Wildlife Foundation, instead of having all our fallen leaves taken to the landfill, we have other options.
Compost Maple Leaves

  • We can let leaves stay where they fall. They won’t hurt our lawn if they are chopped with up a mulching mower.
  • We can rake leaves off the lawn to use as mulch in garden beds. For finer-textured mulch, we could shred them first. This would be instead of purchasing bark for mulch. All of the interviewed landscapers recommended mulching to help conserve water, amend our soil, and reduce the need for toxic weed control.
  • We can let leaf piles decompose; the resulting leaf mold can be used as a soil amendment to improve structure and water retention.

    If we combine fallen leaves with grass clippings (distributed on the bayside of the path that has previously been sprayed with Roundup), we can suppress weeds as well as build soil to better combat erosion, filter runoff into the river, retain moisture, and build a nutrient-rich soil that could support the growth of fresh seasonal vegetables.

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