Riverhouse baby geese
With so many geese and ducks around this time of year, it’s good to remember what’s appropriate with regards to our interaction with these birds. The Oregon and Washington Departments of Fish and Wildlife, provide information about living with waterfowl that may be of interest. Follow the links below to learn more.
Among the items that you will find are the following:

    • Health issues related to waterfowl droppings
    • Reasons not to feed waterfowl
    • Landscaping tips to deter waterfowl from grazing

“Geese don’t like tall grass, because they can’t see predators well. Let vegetation grow taller and keep native vegetation along pond edges. Consider alternatives to short turf grasses. Plant trees and shrubs in the flight path between ponds and lawns. Keep backyard swimming pools covered to discourage geese and ducks from landing in them.”

  • Harassment and scare tactics