Fava Beans used as a cover cropMaxine brought some Fava Beans to the Board Meeting this past week for me to plant as a cover crop. I’ve never before gardened in a location where a winter planting was possible, so I did some research for our bio-region.

In the Pacific Northwest, planting a cover crop in the fall can help to capture and recycle nutrients that would otherwise be lost by leaching throughout the winter rains. Cover crops also protect from water and wind erosion. They can help the soil absorb water more readily, suppress weeds, supply nitrogen and increase organic matter in our porous sandy island soil.

The Oregon State University Master Gardener handbook, “Sustainable Gardening” recommends fava beans as one of the choices for an Oregon cover crop.

I just planted Maxine’s Magic Beans where the pumpkins grew this past summer. Let’s see what happens? I love to watch things grow!

Learn more about cover crops from the Oregon State University Extension Service >>