There was concern that some blackberries were getting out of control along the banks between the trail and the bay. It appeared that our landscape company was just weed-whacking them about once a year and they continued to thrive. So our Conservation Committee organized an impromptu blackberry-digging work party on Tuesday evening April 21. Judy, Jane, VeeAnn, Cheri, Sandy, and Kim all showed up with garden tools and gloves and dug out many blackberries by their roots! It was invigorating! Great job ladies!!!

The second Blackberry Massacre Party gathered along the banks of the bay on Tuesday May 5, 2015 at 6pm.

“With eight of us there yesterday and four or so there the last time, and under-estimating that each person spent an hour on the work each time, we put in at least 12 people-hours, saving the association at least $660 (using Cedar’s $55/hour rate). Good job, everyone.” ~Scott Huff

Home Owners at work