What sort of agricultural chemicals are being used on the land that surrounds our homes here at Riverhouse?

roundupAn article that appeared in this week’s New York Times discusses some of the results of studies done by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a respected arm of the World Health Organization. They classified glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) along with two insecticides (malathion and diazinon) as “probable” carcinogens leading to cancer in humans.

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Stop Making Us Guinea Pigs

MARCH 25, 2015

It would be good to have the list of chemicals used on our grounds – for weed control, insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Judy’s research findings
“Generally, the chemicals used on the Riverhouse landscapes (Lesco 3-Way, Bandit, Snapshot, Rodeo, and Roundup) are decent choices if you are using the traditional approach to managing landscapes. The glyphosate in Roundup actually is pretty safe, even to the river. Once it comes into contact with a plant, it’s quickly absorbed and if it contacts the ground it readily breaks down into harmless compounds. With our sandy soil, there is little risk of runoff into the river. When treating weeds close to the river, glyphosate is still safe to use but only under the Rodeo label. Bandit is an insecticide that’s often used to treat Crane Fly in lawns. (With Crane Fly it is best to observe and only treat if necessary.) Lescoe 3-Way is a broadleaf weed herbicide. (There is a similar product with all natural ingredients that has proven to have good results?) Snapshot is a pre-emergent granular herbicide.”

Thank you, Judy, for researching these.